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1st Betong Marathon

8th December 2019 (Sunday)
03:00AM (Thai Local Time = UTC+7)
Betong Stadium

Steps to register

Steps to register



This event has been rescheduled from 30th June to 8th December. For more information, kindly visit organizer's Facebook page (@Betongmarathon)

To all my dear friends,
Due to commonly-encountered technical problems, the date of the events has to change for running from Sunday 30th June 2019 to Sunday 8th December 2019 and biking from Saturday 29th June 2019 to Sunday 8th September 2019 Please accept our apology and we are sorry for any inconvenience that may occur and we intend to make it up for you as much as we can. Oh we just digress so please be informed for this obligatory change. We of course thank for the way that all beloved friends of ours understand well, as always, and we also take care of you and think of you very well as always too. We cannot thank you enough for your complying to the necessity as an organizer to do that. This understanding is one of the links that keep us inspired and keep the forever recognition that you all are our forever great friends. We promise to keep it up continuously to reach your expectations. So sorry but thank you and we feel appreciated so we are happy in a way. Smile! Postscripts (PS):For those of you who reserve the hotels, the payment will be transferred to the new date, just let us know the exact name of the hotels, please! We See.

Lock the date on 8th December 2019! Jom having a runcation to Thailand – Let’s run the 1st Betong Marathon together! This event is organized by We See.

Accommodation and travelling package will be up soon!

Category & Fees


1. Full Marathon(42.195KM)

Number Gender Age Group(years old)
A1 Male 18-29 years
A2 Male 30-39 years
A3 Male 40-49 years
A4 Male 50-59 years
A5 Male 60 years old and above
B1 Female 18-29 years
B2 Female 30-39 years
B3 Female 40-49 years
B4 Female 50-59 years
B5 Female 60 years old and above

2. Half-Marathon(21.1km)

Number Gender Age Group(years old)
C1 Male 16-29 years
C2 Male 30-39 years
C3 Male 40-49 years
C4 Male 50-59 years
C5 Male 60 years old and above
D1 Female 16-29 years
D2 Female 30-39 years
D3 Female 40-49 years
D4 Female 50-59 years
D5 Female 60 years old and above

3. Mini Marathon (10.5km)

Categories Gender Age Group(years old)
E1 Male 13-17 years
E2 Male 18-29 years
E3 Male 30-39 years
E4 Male 40-49 years
E5 Male 50-59 years
E6 Male 60 years old and above
F1 Female 13-17 years
F2 Female 18-29 years
F3 Female 30-39 years
F4 Female 40-49 years
F5 Female 50-59 years
F6 Female 60 years old and above

4. Micro Marathon (5km)

Categories Gender Age Group(years old)
G1 Male Open
H1 Female Open

Flag-off time & Cut-off time

Category Distance Flag-off time Cut-off time
Full Marathon 42.195KM 03:00AM 7 hours
Half Marathon 21.1KM 05:00AM 5 hours
Mini Marathon 10KM 06:00AM 3 hours
Micro Marathon 5KM 06:20AM 1.5 hours

T-shirt Design & Size chart


Registration for Jamboree 50KM ride coming soon in the JomRun app. Stay tuned!

Finisher Medal



For each category, the 1st place to 5th place winners will be awarded trophies.
All the finishers of the marathon and the half-marathon will be awarded finisher T-shirts.
All the finishers, regardless of any category, will receive a finisher medal.


Terms & Conditions

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