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Fete De La Musique Virtual Run

19th June 2019 until 18th July 2019
Registration Close Date : 18th June 2019 (11:59PM)

Steps to register

Steps to register


When it comes to running with Music, some thought they cant leave without it while others find it distracting.

In natural state,our brain is inclined to through the foot steps to any tempos with repetitive beat in the Music. When movement synchronising with the Music, the body becomes make energy efficiently.

Music can make us feel strong emotions, such as joy, sadness or it has shown to reduce anxiety and stress, enhances memory through rhythm and melody. Music has the power to enhance communications and loosen fear, anger and loneliness. Not just that it help us to sleep better in daily life.

So Music has a lot of benefits & different scopes in our life.

"Without Music, Without Run"

Send your results to +6011-11952025 (Whatsapp)

Medal/Tshirt will be pos after running period timeline closed, within 20days.

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