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13th October 2019 (Sunday)
Registration Close Date : 12th October 2019 (11:59PM)

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Steps to register



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HSN21KM is an initiative, with the support of the Malaysian Ministry of Youth and Sports, to promote a healthy sporting Malaysia.

Attracting runners from all across the globe and catering to a crowd of over 12,000 participants during its last edition in 2018. HSN21KM is well on its way to becoming one of the biggest running events in the country.

Rated as the best half-marathon event in Malaysia, HSN21KM prides itself on giving runners an enriched, entertaining and most of all, memorable running experience.

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Flag Off Time & Cut Off Time

Categories Flag Off Time Cut Off Time
5KM 06:45AM 2 Hours
10KM 06:15AM 2 Hours 30 Minutes
21KM 05:00AM 4 Hours

Race Kit Collection

Date : 2019-10-4 to 2019-10-6
Time : 11:00AM to 8PM

Other Information

CUT OFF TIME 21KM – 4 Hours
10KM – 2 Hours 30 Minutes
5KM – 2 Hours

Rules & Regulations

1. General
1.1. PROTON HSN21KM 2019 (inclusive of the 21km, 10km, 5km competitive and 5km fun-run categories) also referred to as the “Event”, “Run” or “PROTON HSN21KM 2019 Race”, is the sole property, organised and maintained by MOVE, a brand registered under MUSE Group Asia (M) Sdn. Bhd., also referred to as the “Organiser”, is sanctioned by the Federal Territory Amateur Ath- letics Association (FTAAA) with the support of the Malaysian Ministry of Youth and Sports.
1.2. All relating information regarding the event, its rules, regulations, and terms and conditions are applicable to all registered event participants, also referred to as the “Participant(s)” and/or “Run- ner(s)”, are located on the official website;
1.3. By registering, attending, and/or providing any information, personal or otherwise, through the Event’s official channels; official website, registration portal, Instagram and Facebook, programmes and/or any related activities organised and/or authorised by PROTON HSN21KM and its associat- ed Event Sponsors and Affiliates, the Participant is deemed to have agreed to give explicit permis- sion to have their information/data collected, analysed and/or disclosed to third parties, sell and/or otherwise use without any liability to the Participant. PROTON HSN21KM reserves the right to ob- tain and use any images, photographs, motion picture, recordings, etc. related to the Event for any/ all legitimate purposes, not limited to marketing, promotions and administrative use.
1.4. By completing and/or submitting the official entry form, online or otherwise, and completion of payment, the Participant’s has agreed to abide by the Rules and Regulations, as well as the Priva- cy Policy set by the Organiser.
1.5. The Organiser reserves the right to modify and/or substitute any of these Rules and Regula- tions and the Privacy Policy without prior notice and reserves the right to cancel or postpone the Event or deny a Participant entry without any prior notification.

2. Registration

2.1. General Registration
2.1.1 Participation is open to all Malaysians and non-Malaysians alike. Registration will only be confirmed once full payment has been made. Runners must meet the qualifying age(s) of the as- sociated category and distances by the 31st of December 2019 to qualify to participate; 21KM Run Open - 16 years old and above 21KM Run Veteran - 40 years old and above 10KM Run Open - 15 years old and above 10KM Run Veteran - 40 years old and above 5KM Race - 13 years old and above 5KM Bonding Pack - 13 years old and above Bonding pack – Adult age 18 and above, Kids age 7 to 12 years old.
2.1.2. The Bonding Pack is only reserved for adults running with kids aged 7 to 12 years old.
2.1.3. Participants below the age of 18 must seek parental or guardian consent in order to partici- pate in the run. By filling and submitting the registration form, under aged participants are deemed to have received valid content from parents/guardians. The Organiser reserves the right to refuse participant entry if the terms are not met.
2.1.4. For the 5KM Bonding Pack, participants under the age of 12 must be accompanied by a reg- istered (participating) paying adult.
2.1.5. Participants under the age 16 are strictly prohibited from joining the 21km category.
2.1.6. Registrations will not be accepted after the closing date which will be stated and announced on all PROTON HSN21KM official channels.
2.1.7. Race entry is non-transferable and non-refundable. To ensure that your race details are cor- rect, please check and update your personal particulars by the registration closing dateline, 31st August 2019.
2.1.8. Please note that only changes to personal particulars will be accepted. The Organiser re- serves the right to close registration before the official closing date should participation reach its capacity before the date mentioned. The Organiser will not be responsible for any dispute arising from false and/or incomplete details given by participants. The Organiser solely reserves the right to limit and refuse entries as deemed fit without prior notice.
2.1.9. An official “Confirmation Slip” or receipt will be sent to the participant’s email after the regis- tration and payment has been made successfully. Each participant may only take part in a single competitive category. The registration will only be completed when full payment is made.
2.1.10. Participants will only be eligible to receive one (1) discount promotion, and will be charged based on the highest available discount amount for the predetermined offer. E.g. If you are eligible for a Loyalty Discount (10% off), and want to register under the Group Registration of 6 pax and above (15% off). You will only be entitled to receive one discount of the highest denominated dis- count amount.
2.2. Group Registration
2.2.1. Group Registrations are open only to all individuals, and applies to a minimum of five (5) in- dividuals per-sign up, per-group.
2.2.2. Participants within a group may chose to enter any categories and distances (21km, 10km, 5km competitive and 5km fun-run categories) together, or individually select and enter their own categories and distance under the group.
2.2.3. There will be no mail/delivery option for the event’s Race Pack available under Group Regis- tration. Participants must either come and collect their Race Packs individually, or assign one indi- vidual to collect the Race Packs by hand, during the official Race Pack Collection, which will be announced on the run’s official channels.
2.2.4. Further Group Registration details as follow; Participants who are opting for Group Registration must assign an individual as the group’s “Leader”, whereby the individual will be in charge of applying/submitting the Group Regis- tration forms with the details of each participant and their associated categories (if entering differ- ent categories), as well as the main point of communications between the group members and the Organiser. An official invoice will be sent via email to the assigned group leader within five (5) working days, after submission of the Group Registration details. Payment can be made either via issuing a cheque to the Organiser or remitting to the Or- ganiser’s bank account (details made available on invoice). Once payment has been made and confirmed, the group leader will receive an official email containing assigned “codes” for each participating group member. Each group member must then register for the run individually, on the official website, with the codes given (no additional payment is required). Each code may only be used once per-indi- vidual, based on the details submitted during Group Registration. Registrations must be made before the registration closing date (31st August 2019), which will be announced on all PROTON HSN21KM official channels. All unused slots will be forfeited should participant(s) fail to complete their registrations be- fore the registration deadline (31 August 2019) and/or upon categories reaching full capacity. Additional registrants can be added by submitting the new order with no minimum number of participants as long as they are under the same group and leader.
2.3. Loyalty Discount
2.3.1. The PROTON HSN21KM 2019 Loyalty Discount promotion applies to all runners who have participated in previous editions of the HSN21KM Half-Marathon (2016, 2017, 2018), and is only valid throughout the registration period from 25th February - 31st August 2019.
2.3.2. Those who are eligible for the Loyalty Discount, shall automatically be identified during the registration process and the discount will be deducted from the final payment amount.
2.3.3. Participants who wish to apply for the Loyalty Discount are requested to register using the email address used during past year entries, in order for the system to determine your eligibility. Should you encounter any problems during the registration period, please contact the Organiser via email at and/or hotline: +60364119135 for assistance.
2.4. Early Bird Promotion
2.4.1. Early Bird Promotion is only valid for the first two (2) weeks from the registration opening date; from 25 February - 11 March 2019, and is open to all.
2.4.2. Participants who register within the stated promotion period are entitled to receive a person- alised Running Shirt; option to have your name or a maximum of 10 characters, printed on your Running Shirt (of your selected distance category), FREE of charge.
2.4.3. Those eligible for the Early Bird Promotion will be prompted to fill in the required Early Bird Promotion field/section in the online registration form, before proceeding with submission and payment. An official Confirmation Slip and receipt will be sent via email once payment has suc- cessfully been made.

3. Race

3.1. General
3.11. The Organiser reserves all rights to cancel or postpone the Event at any time without any pri- or notice. In that event, the Organiser will make efforts to communicate and inform all Participants prior to the date of the Event via email and/or official PROTON HSN21KM channels. In the event of cancellation or postponement of the Run, no refunds of payments and/or fees will be made unless the Organiser sees it fit to do otherwise.
3.1.2. The Organiser reserves the right to amend the race routes and/or any other details pertain- ing to the Event, at any time without prior notice as the Organiser deems fit, for the safety of the Runners and/or to prevent any potential hazards during the event. The Organiser, Sponsors and Affiliates shall not be held liable for any loss or inconvenience caused due to such changes.
3.1.3. While every and all reasonable precautions will be taken by the Organiser to ensure Run- ner’s safety, participants are considered to take part at their own risks, and the Organiser shall not be liable for any/all injuries or death, damages or any losses, whether it being personal or other- wise, prior, during and after participation in the Event.
3.1.4. The Organiser reserves the right to remove any unattended bags and luggage at/around the event premises for security reasons, and will not be responsible for any losses or damages to the belongings.
3.1.5. Only registered participants for the respective category are allowed access in the Starting Area.
3.1.6. Runners must wear their assigned Race Bib on the front of their running attire near his/her chest area at all times during the race. For the competitive categories, an adopted Timing Device will be located and placed on the bibs, where it acts as the sole means of race timing measure- ment. Only the 21KM Category, 10KM Category and 5KM Competitive Category will be timed and measured.
3.1.7. The Organiser shall not be held liable for any damages to/on the Race Bib and the Timing Device. The Organiser also reserves the right to charge the participants for a replacement bib and/ or deny entry to a runner with a damaged Racing Bib and/or Timing Device.
3.1.8. Competitive runners are required to pass through the Gantries set up at various points along the associated routes to ensure that their timings are recorded. Failure to comply will result in dis- qualification.
3.1.9. Participants not wearing a bib will be taken off the course/route by the Officials and/or Mar- shals, and may result in disqualification.
3.1.10. The runner’s particulars and timings will be recorded electronically. Runners who fail to bring or produce their Race Bib on the event day will not be allowed to participate and/or finish as competitive runners.
3.1.11. The Organiser will not refund runners who forget to bring their race bib on Race Day.
3.1.12. All participants must only wear their assigned Race Bib. Any and all exchanges and/or transfer of a Race Bib is strictly not allowed.
3.1.13. Participant's failure to observe the Rules and Regulations may result in immediate disquali- fication.
3.1.14. A grace period of five (5) minutes after the commencement of the Race will be given for latecomers. Any participant who reports later than this grace period may not be allowed to partici- pate in the Race. Latecomers should be aware that their individual race timings (Timing Device) will commence when the race begins, in-sync with the Event master clock.
3.1.13. Any/all road closure will be lifted after four (4) hours from the first flag-off, and shall be re- opened to traffic after the stated time period. In the case where a Participant(s) is still on the route once the closure has been lifted, runners will have to either; continue at their own risk or be picked up by race Officials/Marshals, if/when the Organiser sees fit. Support Vehicles and/or Pacers (other than appointed by the Organiser) are strictly not allowed.
3.1.14. In the case of any disputes arising from participation in PROTON HSN21KM competitive categories (21km, 10km, 5km), it shall be referred to, Arbitration, to be conducted in Malaysia un- der the law of Malaysia Arbitration Court. A participant who protests another competitor and/or noti- fies of a violation by another Runner, must do so in writing to the Organiser within 30 minutes of the release of the official results.
3.1.15. A deposit of RM100 or equivalent must accompany the appropriate protest and will be re- funded if the protest is successful. All decisions made by the Appeal Board shall be final and ir- refutable.
3.1.16. The Organiser reserves the right to stop any participant deemed physically unfit (i.e. severe physical and/or mental harm) from continuing the race.
3.1.17. All participants are required to report at the Start Point at least 30 minutes prior to the flag- off times.
3.1.18. In accordance with the International Association of Athletics Federation’s (IAAF) regula- tions, a runner must retire from the race immediately if requested by any member of the official Medical Staff.
3.1.19. No animals/pets or any form of “wheeled shoes” and/or any objects or transport, are al- lowed on the running route.
3.1.20. All participants who successfully complete the race will be awarded a Finisher's Medal at the Finish Line, with the race bib as proof of participation.
3.1.21. All participants who successfully complete the race will be awarded an E-certificate of Achievement, which may be accessed on the event’s official website. Participants who fail to com- plete or was disqualified will not be awarded with a certificate.
3.2. Elite Pen
3.2.1. The Elite Pen is an exclusive start pen at the very front of the starting line reserved for the event’s Elite Runners; competitive runners who have made the minimum required personal best timing in other running events.
3.2.2. To qualify for entry to the Elite Pen, participants must provide proof of their personal best times; certificates, e-certificates from a/any reputable race/running event (with electronically timed results), or any acknowledgement from any International Sport Federations, and submit it together with their Confirmation Slips to
3.2.3. Submissions must be made before the stipulated dateline, which will be announced on all official HSN21KM channels.
3.2.4. The Elite Pen is only limited to 200 slots, and only available for the 21KM and 10KM compet- itive categories respectively, and the Organiser reserves all rights to select runners for the Elite Pen.
3.2.5.The minimal times set to qualify for HSN21KM Elite Pen selection are as follow; Men’s 21km (Open Category) - 1hr 25min and below Women’s 21km (Open Category) - 1hr 45min and below Men’s 21km (Veteran Category) - 1hr 45min and below Women’s 21km (Veteran Category) - 2hr 5min and below Men’s 10KM (Open Category) - 38min and below Women’s 10KM (Open Category) - 50min and below Men’s 10KM (Veteran Category) - 50min and below Women’s 10KM (Veteran Category) - 1hr 15min and below

4. Safety and Medical Advisory

4.1. Should any Participant feel unwell in the course of the Race, he/she should stop and seek immediate medical attention from Race/Event Officials, Marshals or make way to the designated medical posts.
4.2. Participants should prepare themselves adequately and gradually increase the duration and intensity of their training over several weeks prior to the event. Participants should ensure that they are well-rested and well-hydrated prior to the run.
4.3. Participants are advised not to attend the event should they have any illness of any kind.
4.4. Participants are advised to consult a medical practitioner to certify themselves fit to participate in the Event/Race. Runners who have doubts about their suitability to participate in this event (I.e. those on medication or those who have had recent health complications) are advised to consult a medical practitioner prior to participation in the Event/Race.
4.5. To minimise injuries, it is advised that all participants take at least 15 minutes of warm-up/ stretching before the start and at the end of your training and on the Race Day. Participants are advised against the consumption of alcohol or stimulants or any kind of drugs within 24 hours of the Race Day. Participants are advised to dress lightly for the run and ensure that they are well- rested and hydrated on the day of the Event/Race.
4.6. By registering/entering, participants are considered to take part at their own risks and the Or- ganiser shall not be liable for any/all injuries or death, damages or any losses, whether it being personal or otherwise, prior, during and after participation in the Event.

5. Race Packs

5.1. Race Pack Collection
5.1.1. All registered participants are to collect their Race Packs which includes the Race Bib, Run- ning Shirt, etc. at the official Race Pack Collection Event, which will be announced on all official PROTON HSN21KM channels. Race Packs will not be issued to participants after the designated collection period.
5.1.2. For collection, participants are required to bring along the official PROTON HSN21KM Con- firmation Slip and/or any personal identification; NRIC/Passport for verification purposes.
5.1.3. Participants registered under the Student Registration (Student Group Discount) are re- quired to present their valid Student ID during the official Race Pack Collection, in order to fully qualify for the discount and receive their Race Pack.
5.1.4. Failure to present a valid Student ID during collection may result in a penalty of RM50 (per- person) and/or denied entry to participate in PROTON HSN21KM 2019. The Organiser shall not be liable for any loss or inconveniences that might occur due to failure of producing a valid Student ID during the checking process.
5.1.5. The Organiser reserves the right to refuse Participants, without the required documents, from collecting their race packs.
5.1.6. If a/any Participant/Racer is unable to collect their Race Pack in person, they may authorise a representative to collect it on behalf. The Organiser must be informed prior to the stipulated col- lection for any collection made on behalf of a participant, and relevant verification will be needed.
5.2. Race Pack Delivery
5.2.1. Participants will have the option to have the Race Packs delivered to a given mailing ad- dress, during registration. Mailing and delivery option is only available in Peninsular Malaysia and East Malaysia, with additional fees applied.
5.2.2. Participants who opted to have Race Packs delivered, will receive their packs between 23rd September - 4th October, 2019.
5.2.3. The Organiser will not be held responsible for any damages or loss to the Race Packs, as well as any undelivered Race Packs due to incorrect or incomplete details provided by the partici- pants, or otherwise.
5.2.4. Undelivered Race Packs will be returned to the Organiser, and Participants may collect the Race Packs on Race Day, by providing prior notice to the Organiser, and a full refund of the deliv- ery charges will be made in cash.

6. Prize Money

6.1. Winners will be determined based on the timing reflected by the official Timing Device (Net time) located on the Race Bibs.
6.2. All prize winners must report to the FTKLAA area within 30 minutes after completing the Race. All winners may be required to go through a series of World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) Doping Tests, conducted by the Organiser and Officials. Failure to comply will result in immediate disquali- fication.
6.3. All prize winners must also produce a valid Government issued photo I.D. for verification pur- poses. Failure to do so may result in disqualification.
6.4. Prize winners will be determined and selected by their entry categories and corresponding age limit as reflected below;
6.4.1. 21KM Run Open - 16 - 39 years old
6.4.2. 21KM Run Veteran - 40 years old and above 6.4.3. 21KM Malaysia Fastest - 16 - years and above 6.4.4. 10KM Run Open - 15 - 39 years old
6.4.5. 10KM Run Veteran - 40 years old and above Malaysia Fastest - 15 years old and above 6.4.7. 10KM Junior Fastest - 15 - 20 years old
6.4.8. 5KM Open - 13 years old and above
6.4.9. 5KM Veteran - 40 years old and above
6.4.10. 5KM Junior - 13 - 15 years old
6.4.11. 5KM Junior - 16 - 18 years old

Terms & Conditions

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