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Hatyai Reviving Marathon

16 December 2018 (Sunday)
03:00 AM (Local Thai time)
Hatyai Municipal Park

Steps to register

Steps to register


Let's run the Hatyai Reviving Marathon together on 16 Dec 2018! This event is organised by WE SEE. You gonna make it!
70 years old and above can join the event for free! (Except 5km Fun Run!)

Cut off time:
Full marathon (42.195 km) - 7 hours
Half marathon (21.1 km) - 5 hours
Mini-marathon (10.5 km) - 3 hours
Micro-marathon (5 km) - 1.5 hours

Accommodation and travelling information will be up soon!

Category & Fees for International Participants (e.g., Malaysians)

Note: All the times given below refer to local time in Thailand (UTC+7).

Marathon (42.195km) | Flag-off Time: 03:00 AM

Category Gender Age Group (years old) Fees
A1 Male 18-29 RM140
A2 Male 30-34 RM140
A3 Male 35-39 RM140
A4 Male 40-44 RM140
A5 Male 45-49 RM140
A6 Male 50-54 RM140
A7 Male 55-59 RM140
A8 Male 60-64 RM140
A9 Male 65-69 RM140
A10 Male 70 and above Free of charge
B1 Female 18-29 RM140
B2 Female 30-34 RM140
B3 Female 35-39 RM140
B4 Female 40-44 RM140
B5 Female 45-49 RM140
B6 Female 50-69 RM140
B7 Female 70 and above Free of charge

Half-Marathon (21.1km) | Flag-off Time: 05:00 AM

Category Gender Age Group (years old) Fees
C1 Male 16-29 RM115
C2 Male 30-34 RM115
C3 Male 35-39 RM115
C4 Male 40-44 RM115
C5 Male 45-49 RM115
C6 Male 50-54 RM115
C7 Male 55-59 RM115
C8 Male 60-64 RM115
C9 Male 65-69 RM115
C10 Male 70 and above Free of charge
D1 Female 16-29 RM115
D2 Female 30-34 RM115
D3 Female 35-39 RM115
D4 Female 40-44 RM115
D5 Female 45-49 RM115
D6 Female 50-69 RM115
D7 Female 70 and above Free of charge

Mini-Marathon (10.5km) | Flag-off Time: 06:00 AM

Category Gender Age Group (years old) Fees
E1 Male 19 and below RM90
E2 Male 20-29 RM90
E3 Male 30-34 RM90
E4 Male 35-39 RM90
E5 Male 40-44 RM90
E6 Male 45-49 RM90
E7 Male 50-54 RM90
E8 Male 55-59 RM90
E9 Male 60-64 RM90
E10 Male 65-69 RM90
E11 Male 70 and above Free of charge
F1 Female 19 and below RM90
F2 Female 20-29 RM90
F3 Female 30-34 RM90
F4 Female 35-39 RM90
F5 Female 40-44 RM90
F6 Female 45-49 RM90
F7 Female 50-54 RM90
F8 Female 55-59 RM90
F9 Female 60-69 RM90
F10 Female 70 and above Free of charge

Micro-Marathon (5km) | Flag-off Time: 06:20 AM

Category Gender Age Group (years old) Fees
G1 Male 15 and below RM80
G2 Male 16-34 RM80
G3 Male 35-49 RM80
G4 Male 50 and above RM80
H1 Female 15 and below RM80
H2 Female 16-34 RM80
H3 Female 35-49 RM80
H4 Female 50 and above RM80

T-Shirts & Sizes




Route Map



For each category, the 1st place to 5th place winners will be awarded trophies.
All the finishers of the marathon and the half-marathon will be awarded finisher T-shirts.
All the finishers, regardless of any category, will receive a finisher medal.

Race Kit Collection

Date : 15 Dec 2018 (Saturday)
Time : 11:00AM to 07:00PM
Venue: Hatyai Municipal Park

To authorize others to pick-up race kit on behalf of candidates themselves, ID card copies / passport copies of subjected candidates must be presented. ID numbers or Passport numbers in those official documents must match the registered ones.

Other Information


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