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Age is just a number. This is particularly true for Jean. Meet this 64 years old French who’s an avid runner, currently working and living here in Kuala Lumpur.

Despite being 64 years old, Jean participates in half-marathons every 2 weeks, and in full marathons every 3 to 4 months. He has even done a double marathon in Singapore a few years ago and is planning to challenge the TITI100’s 100km in March 2019. Whenever he’s not busy running in a marathon, Jean spends his time hiking, trekking and cycling, which he has been doing for many years prior to running. [Jean’s hobby also includes travelling around Malaysia as well as Asia. ]

On average, Jean takes about 2 hours and 15 minutes to complete a half-marathon and about 4 hours and 37 minutes to complete a full marathon. During these long hours of running, a million things run through his head, but only in split seconds. Like how beautiful the house on the side of the road is, when is the next water station, or how his toes are starting to cramp from all the running. He describes the entire process as having his brain spinning like a washing machine as it makes him mentally refreshed after a run.

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Jean is defying his age.

As a passionate runner, he has been exposed to many different types of injuries, like knee injury, back injury and even groin injury. But all these have not stopped him from continuing to pursue his passion in running. The satisfaction he gets when he achieves something that seems un-achievable is what motivates him to press on. He states that mental strength is very important. The first few seconds when you decide to put on your running gear and start is the hardest. But once you hit the road, motivation no longer becomes an issue.

To Jean, the most rewarding thing about running is achieving great personal physical and endurance challenges whilst meeting many other people sharing the same passion. One of which is Irene Gong whom he describes as his ‘Little Monkey’ that he runs very often and share many experiences with. As he turns 65 years old in a few days, his target for himself is to avoid losing too much time year on year as he gets older.

If a 65 years old can do it, why can’t you? Come put on your running gear and run towards a better, healthier Malaysia!

Interviewed by: JomRun

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