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Running across KL city’s bustling streets

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OCBC KL Car Free Morning is a bimonthly campaign organised by Multigreen Events which allows participants to cycle or run along a 7km route in the capital for up to two hours, free of vehicular traffic. Held on every first and third Sunday of the month from 7am, it encourages Malaysians to stay fit while being mindful of the environment. This event starts from Dataran DBKL, leading participants through major streets in Kuala Lumpur’s Golden Triangle. While most people choose to walk or run, participants are also allowed to cycle, skate, rollerskate or even rollerblade. For those that prefers cycling, title sponsor OCBC Bank offers 140 bicycles each time for the people to use for free. These bicycles are available for the public to use from 6 am every event day.

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Bringing people together

Syamin Yusop, a 31-year-old runner, joined OCBC KL Car Free Morning since 2013. Starting his running life outdoor alone, the biggest harvest of running would be the friendship that he made with other runners along the way. The medals he won through competitive runs as well as his health was what drove him to stay committed to running. As a runner, his advice to everyone is to monitor their daily progress as the human body may deteriorate over time.

A cure for the broken hearted

Andy, who looks sportive and energetic, is a passionate Muay Thai fighter. He started running as a way to mend a broken heart after breaking up with his girlfriend of many years. To him, running has never been easy or fun, but throughout his journey with sports, running was the best sport as it made him feel relaxed and stress-free. Other than running, he spends most of his time hitting the gym or practicing Muay Thai. He recommends everyone to do appropriate warm up and consume enough food before the run.

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Hi Babe

Not just weight, but health

Jaycee started her running journey back in 2015, aspiring to be healthy and to look fit. As a working adult, it is inspiring that Jaycee can adhere to her running journey without giving up for the past 3 years. Running 4 km every day on a treadmill has become a habit of hers, where she wakes up early at 5 o’clock in the morning, to get her daily dose of exercise at her workplace. Even though Jaycee prefers running outdoor, she felt unsafe running in the early morning in Kajang area until this event came around. As a first-time runner in KL Car Free Morning, she felt secured with all the assistance given by the DBKL officers along the route.Through her persistence, Jaycee managed to lose 12 kg in 2 years’ time and now she still continues running to maintain her fitness and health. She points out that a diet control is an important factor in trying to lose weight. Jaycee also encourages people to consume natural foods and monitor macro-nutrients intake instead of fully relying on sports supplements which are very costly. Thrilled to participate in Great Eastern Run in October this year, Jaycee said that she will try to train hard every day.

Mark your calendars and come embark with us on a journey in creating a healthier Malaysia. It’s a BIG LIVELY Sunday morning you wouldn’t want to miss! Together, let’s support the Go Green campaign!

*Note: Entrance is free. Cyclists will need to show an ID with photographic identification when borrowing the bicycles from Dataran DBKL, Menara DBKL, along Jalan Raja Laut (near the start and finish location). Usage of the bicycles is free and will be on a first come, first served basis. All cyclists are responsible for their own safety and for bringing their own helmets.

Interviewed by: JomRun

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